Confectionery Corner is a supplier of Branded and Novelty Confectionery to the Promotional, Wedding and Special Events Markets.

We have a large variety of confectionery and amazing packaging options.

If you can’t find what you are seeking on the website – give us a call! We can probably help.

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Our products include: Jelly Beans (Normal or Mini size) for Promotions in Corporate Colours.  Promotional Chocolates - graphics are printed on the chocolate in full colour and it all can be eaten.  Hand made Personalised Rock Candy, Large Lollipops with edible graphics and Corporate Coloured Humbugs.  Sugar Free Mints and Sugar Mints in Corporate branded tins, jars, buckets and canisters.  Promotional lollipops for Corporate events.  Corporate coloured mini Jelly Beans, Choc Beans (Smartie look alike) and Humbugs.

We also cater to the Wedding market with our Wedding Chocolates - graphics/photos are printed on the chocolate in full colour and it all can be eaten.